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3 Things You Need to Remember When Cleaning Your Kitchen

3 Things You Need to Remember When Cleaning Your Kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen is no one’s favorite chore.

Cleaning the kitchen is no one’s favorite chore. It is a lot of work and can be very time-consuming. Even the cleanest kitchens can still have hidden germs. Follow these tips to get as many germs out of your kitchen as possible!


Every single time you clean your kitchen, you should be disinfecting as well. While it is perfectly fine to wipe up spills when they happen, you should also disinfect. Some foods have harmful microorganisms that you can’t just wipe up. A simple disinfectant spray and a paper towel should do the trick. Disinfect all handles regularly: drawers, microwave, fridge, sink, oven, cabinets, stove and more should all be disinfected often.

Dish Towels and Sponges

Bacteria and microorganisms thrive in moist environments, so you need to make sure you’re cleaning and disinfecting those things as well. For dish towels, simply wash them in hot water with bleach. For your sponges, you can put it in a small, microwave-safe container of water and heat it for about 4 minutes. Be careful, as it will be quite hot when it’s done.

Bleach Your Sink

Your sink is the dirtiest part of your kitchen. The moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria. No matter how clean it looks when you finally finish washing the last of the dishes, there could still be bacteria lingering around. Use some bleach to kill those nasty germs!

Add 2oz of bleach to about 12-24oz in a spray bottle. Liberally spray down your sink and drain and use a scrub brush to scrub the “yuck” away. Since you’re using bleach, make sure to wear some rubber gloves. If you prefer not to use bleach, you could use baking soda and vinegar to disinfect instead.

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