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3 Ways to Clean Your Microfiber Furniture

3 Ways to Clean Your Microfiber Furniture

If you’ve been looking for a more economical and conscientious alternative to suede furniture microfiber is a great option.

If you’ve been looking for a more economical and conscientious alternative to suede furniture microfiber is a great option. Made from polyester and nylon, the fibers are 100 times thinner than a human hair. Because of this, cleaning can be tricky. Microfiber is prone to watermarks but can be cleaned effectively with other means.

Start With A Vacuum  

Although the fibers of microfiber are densely packed and don’t allow dirt and allergens to penetrate they still benefit from a good brushing and vacuuming. Not only will this prevent any dirt from getting ground into the fabric, but it can keep it looking new and soft. If you use a bristle vacuum attachment brush the nap of the microfiber, this will keep it from getting matted down.

In Case Of Spills

Despite its ability to repel water, microfiber is prone to developing watermarks if a liquid is spilled on it. If a spill occurs the best way to clean it is to act fast. Begin by blotting with a clean white cloth to remove as much of the liquid as possible. It’s important to blot rather than rub to prevent the stain from spreading. Then, use a spray bottle full of rubbing alcohol to carefully mist the affected area, rubbing lightly with a natural or white colored sponge. Lastly, use a dry, nylon bristled scrub brush to lightly brush the fabric.

Try Soap Suds  

For microfiber fabric furniture that is water safe, you might try cleaning with soap suds. While you shouldn’t use water or liquid dish soap alone you are able to use the suds created by mixing the two. Dip a clean cloth in a natural or white color in just the suds, avoiding the water, and gently rub the fabric in circular motions. When using this method you will want to work in sections and follow with brushing to soften the nap of the fabric.

Ivete’s Cleaning Service Is Ready To Help

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