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5 House Cleaning Jobs You Should Do Everyday

After you are done a long, busy day at work, the last thing you want to do is house cleaning. However, to save yourself from extra stress later on, there are some smaller cleaning jobs that can be done quickly and efficiently. Here are some chores that should be done everyday.

House Cleaning You Should Do Everyday

Cleaning is no fun, but there are little chores that should be done everyday

Dirty Dishes

Leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight can attract unwanted bugs, and it will make washing the dishes all the more difficult. If you are on a busy schedule, a simple hand washing of your dishes will make all the difference, and your utensils can easily be tucked away in the dishwasher.

Kitchen Counters

Kitchen counters are something that shouldn’t be ignored when you are house cleaning. From crumbs to everyday items such as car keys and mail, it is impossible to ignore all of the germs that are harbored on the kitchen counters. A quick wipe down and disinfecting will make all the difference for your kitchen counters. Just remember to use a different toilette for every surface you clean, as using the same toilette can potentially cause cross-contamination.

Shower Walls

Regular upkeep of your shower walls is the easiest way to avoid mildew and grout from accumulating. After every use, simply run a squeegee over the tiles and this will prevent mildew stains.

Food-Covered Floors

After cooking dinner, it is important to sweep up any food that you may have spilled on the floor. To avoid unwanted bugs or rodents, all you need to do is sweep after you’ve done the dishes.

Coffee Maker

This may seem like an odd one, but coffee makers are notorious for harboring bacteria and mold, so cleaning it daily is a must. The best way to clean it is to wash all parts that are removable to get rid of lingering coffee, oils, and grinds. Depending on the model you use, you can even put some of those pieces in the dishwasher, making cleaning it a breeze. Also, do not forget to wipe down the outside of your coffee maker and the warming plate.

Hire Professionals

If you find that you are getting in over your head, you may want to consider hiring a professional cleaning service to handle the time-consuming tasks of your house cleaning regiment. Doing this can help you save time to handle your everyday cleaning more efficiently.

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