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Bust the Dust in Your House

Bust the Dust in Your House

Even if you are careful about how you clean your home, you can still find that there is dust everywhere.

Dust gets everywhere. That’s just a fact of life. Even if you are careful about how you clean your home, you can still find that there is dust everywhere. It particularly settles on mantles, fireplaces, behind the TV, and every other space that doesn’t get touched all that often. So how can you go about getting rid of it? It’s time to find out!

Getting Started 

Everyone who is allergic to dust knows how miserable it can make them. That’s why you need to put on a facemask before you can get started dusting. That way, you won’t be distracted by coughing and sneezing. You’ll also need to get a machine known as a HEPA filter. This filter helps swallow all of the dust that is floating around in your home, whether it comes from pet dander or dead skin cells. 

Unclutter Your Space

Most of the time when the dust is allowed to collect, it’s because there is simply too much clutter in the way. Tidying your home should be higher on your list. That way, it’ll be easier for you to move around and the dust you displace won’t fall onto everything at your feet. 

Gather Your Tools

You can’t catch dust with your bare hands. Use different tools for different situations. For instance, use a static high duster to bust up cobwebs and any spiderwebs you come across. Then use a floor duster for your hardwood floors and tile floors. Microfiber cloths excel when clearing up dust on mirrors and windows. If you’ve got carpets, then it’s time to break out the vacuum cleaner. The feather dusters aren’t as effective as you might think they are.

Follow These Tips

Here are some more tips to keep in mind!

  • Start and the top and then go down.
  • This helps keep lower surfaces clean.
  • Remember to clean light bulbs, switches, and the gaps between the couch cushions.
  • Also remember to get the dust off of throw rugs, sofa blankets, the arms of the sofa, and the coffee table, especially if it is made of glass!


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