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Choosing a Theme for Your End of Summer Bash

end of summer bash

With some perfectly placed decorations, your end of summer bash will be amazing!

As backpacks fill up with school supplies, pool attendance dwindles, and Labor Day approaches, you undoubtedly want to cling to the last few days of warmth before the cool nights of fall begin (although you can’t wait for pumpkin spice lattes).  As you plan your end of summer bash, remember to choose a fun theme that will set your party apart before you cover up your grill and deck furniture and clean up!

Hawaiian Luau

A luau is one of the most classic end of summer bash themes in existence and for a great reason. Luaus are tons of fun and take advantage of your beautiful outdoor landscaping. Add additional decorations to your backyard like additional greenery and floral accents like hibiscus flowers. Pick up some grass skirts and coconut bras at the party store for all of your attendees, and make sure that your favorite Hawaiian shirt is home from the dry cleaners. For food, try grilling some pineapple for a unique sweet dessert or even roasting a whole pig, traditional luau style.

White Party

A white party is another classic theme for your end of summer bash. Labor Day is traditionally known as the last day that you can wear white before it becomes unseasonable and unfashionable to do so. Break out all of your favorite white frocks and give them one last hurrah at your party! Have fun with the theme and experiment with different white decorations and foods. Keeping your wine white has the additional advantage of not worrying about any red wine stains on your carpet or white jeans.


Ready for a spicy end to your summer? Host a fiesta to celebrate the end of the season in style. Food is simple to make on your own or have catered from your favorite local Mexican restaurant. Serve chips and dip and break out the margarita maker for sweet sips on the deck. Make a playlist full of fun mariachi or Spanish music to keep your guests entertained.  For decorations, play around with strings of bright-colored lights, paper lanterns, and piñatas to keep the party going after the sun goes down.

Ready for Easy Clean Up After Your End of Summer Bash?

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