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How to Clean Up Fingernail Polish

How to Clean Up Fingernail Polish

Don’t let fingernail polish ruin your fabric!

Let’s say your children or pets have been playing with your fingernail polish and have spilled it accidentally. Or they’re up to something, and they’re causing mischief. Either way, here are some tips to follow when you need to know how to clean up fingernail polish.


Chances are, spilled nail polish will stain on your carpet. As soon as you see it happen, start cleaning it. Once it sets and dries, you might not be able to remove the spot anymore. Carefully wipe it up, but down press down, and don’t make it worse. In other words, don’t rub it in any further. Use a solution without acetone in it on lighter-colored carpets. Hydrogen peroxide, which you can use to clean your hardwood floors, can also be used to clean fingernail polish off your carpets.

Fabrics and Furniture

Uh oh, you might have stained some on your couch. If you realize that you’ve stained fabric, then you can’t wait to deal with it. Nail polish remover helps under normal circumstances when you want to get it off at the end of the day. The polish reacts differently on your nails than it will on the fabric of your cushions or other furniture. Look around your house for some dry cleaning solution – more than likely you won’t have any, but if you do, use it. If not, then hydrogen peroxide will work.


More often than not, you’ll end up with fingernail polish on your clothes. However, getting this substance out of your outfit is trickier than you might think. The first thing to do is to put away the nail polish remover. It might be your first instinct to use it, but the dyes used to give your clothing their color might react poorly if they come into contact with each other. Believe it or not, hairspray can help. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need the hydrogen peroxide or drying cleaning solution. After that, you can put your clothes through the laundry as you normally would.


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