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How to Encourage Your Kids to Help with Cleaning

How to Encourage Your Kids to Help with Cleaning

Outside of a few lucky people, most of us don’t genuinely enjoy cleaning.

Outside of a few lucky people, most of us don’t genuinely enjoy cleaning but know that we have to do it in order to have a functional, healthy, and beautiful home. It can be difficult to explain this to kids, who just know that they want to have fun right now and that cleaning isn’t fun. Since kids tend to be pretty messy, it’s a good idea to get them into the habit of tidying up after themselves as early as possible.

“And snap! The job’s a game!”

You can frame house cleaning as a fun game, which might help to get kids invested. Involve dress up, prizes, a time limit, music, and more to make cleaning a super fun event that kids might even start to look forward to. For example, combine chores, dress up, and maybe even timing to see who can get the most done the fastest. Your kids will have a blast and your home will be tidier!

Pixie Dust

If your home has a lot of hardwood floors, you have probably found yourself wondering how it accumulates so much dust, even with regular sweeping. Sweeping is a relatively simple and safe task that even young children can handle easily. Give each child a broom or dust mop and tell them to sweep up as much “pixie dust” as they can. You can make it into a competition with a prize, or even tell them that when they are done, they can toss the dust outside which will help fairies keep flying.

Hidden Treasure

If you want to get teens and older kids excited about doing laundry, tell them that they can keep any money they find in the pockets of clothes. Then, occasionally leave a couple of bucks for them in your clothes on purpose. You may even find your kids arguing over who gets to do laundry.

A Little Bribery Can Go a Long Way

Let your kids know that there are prizes for cleaning, but also consequences if they do not clean. If you want your kids to take part in a major housecleaning, maybe offer a trip to the mall, the movies, or out for ice cream in exchange. As long as they do the best job they can and complete what they are supposed to complete; there’s no reason not to reward them.

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