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Four Common Bathroom Cleaning Mistakes

Four Common Bathroom Cleaning Mistakes

Cleaning the bathroom is everyone’s least favorite task.

Cleaning the bathroom is everyone’s least favorite task. Along with being a catchall for germs, it’s often the room that requires the harshest chemicals and most elbow grease. It’s no wonder that the bathroom is also the room most often cleaned wrong. Most people make several unintentional mistakes as they clean their bathrooms, we’ll walk you through four of them.

Not Cleaning Active Areas

When we consider the most frequently touched areas most of our first thoughts will be faucet handles, toilet flusher, and doorknob. Unfortunately, many of us neglect quite a few other areas that can get very dirty and grow significant amounts of bacteria. Some of these areas include light switches, cabinet handles, toilet paper holders, toothbrush holders, and towel racks. It’s important to give these areas a good cleaning, especially after a member of your household has been ill.

Not Cleaning The Shower Liner

It’s easy to fall for the idea that your shower liner and curtain are safe from dirt. The liner is getting cleaned from the showers, and the curtain doesn’t see much dirt, right? Wrong! As with your grout and tile, bacteria thrive on the damp, humid conditions of a shower curtain liner. Your curtain, on the other hand, is absorbing both bathroom bacteria and odors, giving it a good wash every now and again is a great way to keep bacteria and odors at bay. Most shower curtains can be thrown directly into your washing machine, while liners must be cleaned with a baking soda based cleaner and replaced every so often.

Not Using the Exhaust Fan

Keeping steam at bay if you do not have an exhaust fan can be impossible, but if you are lucky enough to have one, always use it! Exhaust fans remove the steam and excessively moist air from the bathroom and pump it outside. This is an essential step in cleaning because it helps prevent the moisture that encourages mold and mildew growth.

Not Letting Cleaning Solution Have Time To Work

Bathroom cleaning chemicals can be expensive, and if you’re not using them correctly, you might just be wasting your time and money. Always read the labels on your cleaning products thoroughly, so you know how to use them correctly. Most require at least a few minutes of rest to thoroughly kill and remove bacteria before they can be cleaned off.

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