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Four Tips to De-Clutter Your Office

Four Tips to De-Clutter Your Office

De-clutter your office today!

Taking the time to declutter your office may not be on your priority list, but creating a clean and neat environment is beneficial for employees and customers alike. A clean and tidy workplace makes day to day functions easier and more efficient, but it also makes your workplace look more professional and well-kept to customers. With that in mind, we have four suggestions to help get you on track for a clean and tidy workspace.


Not only will you feel more relaxed without piles of paper surrounding you at every turn, but decluttering makes it easier to find those items you need to fulfill your job. Start by removing any promotional freebies and marketing materials that have piled up, then tackle the papers lying around your office. Encourage employees to think twice before printing, as most paperwork today can be completed entirely electronically. Not only will this reduce your physical clutter, but it will help save money in printing costs and be more environmentally friendly.


For items such as personal desk decoration and necessary documents order must be maintained. Dedicated filing space for employees, shelving, and proper storage such as cupboards can go a long way to keep dust out and mess contained.

Keep Dust At Bay

It’s easy for offices, in particular, to become overly dusty, encourage employees to keep their personal desks clean and dust free by providing compressed air for cleaning keyboards as well as disinfectant wipes to keep desk space clean and germ-free. It might also be useful to invest in an office air purifier, which can help to reduce the overall dust and pollen in the air. Regular carpet cleaning can help keep dust down as well.

Encourage Real Lunch Breaks

With tight deadlines and increasing office demands, it’s easy for employers not to bat an eye when employees eat at their desks and keep an eye on phones and email. But, this habit tends to create less productive employees and dirtier office space. Eating away from the desk, and in a designated kitchen or employee area, will keep crumbs and food particles away from working areas. It also helps to encourage team building and ensures employees will come back to their tasks refreshed and with a clearer mind.

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