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Maintaining a Good Relationship with Your Cleaning Service

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It is important to maintain a good relationship with your cleaning service.

When it comes to cleaning your home, sometimes your busy life just does not allow for regular cleaning. So, instead of living with dust and dirt everywhere, you have taken the extra step and hiring Ivete’s Cleaning Service to take care of your domestic chores. But if you want a good relationship with your cleaning service, there are some things you should keep in mind. Read on to find out!

Be Realistic

If you have four dogs, two cats, three children, and two adults living in the home, it can be hard to get the house cleaned in under 30 minutes. Many people think it will take their cleaning lady a half an hour to clean their entire home, but it could take longer. Take the time to discuss your goals with your cleaning service and get an estimate of the time it will take to clean those areas. Before hiring a cleaning service, you should know that it may take a visit or two to get the rhythm down.

Be Upfront About the Products

Do you have small children in your home? How about pets? Are you allergic to any cleaners or smells? These are things you need to tell your cleaning service before they begin working in your home. Some people may be allergic to the floral smell of some cleaners while others need a green cleaner that is child and pet-safe. Don’t set your cleaning service up for failure by not being upfront about your home’s needs.

Trusting Your Cleaning Service

Having a stranger come into your home is nerve wracking but once you and your cleaning service establish a good rhythm and a good relationship, you may feel more comfortable. If you trust your house cleaner, consider letting them in your home to clean while you take the dog for a walk or the kids to school.


Communication is also key to having a good relationship with your cleaning service. Make sure you tell your cleaning service if you want something done differently or if you need to change the schedule before things are done. Don’t tell the cleaner you need them to use a different cleaner after they have cleaned half the house or change the day when they show up to your home. But honest with your cleaner and they will work around your needs and schedule. If they are doing a great job, make sure you tell them.

Establishing Boundaries

It is important for each of you to know where the other’s boundaries are. If you do not want a certain room touches, make sure to tell them on their first visit. Do not assume something will get done that is not usually incorporated into your contract. Many cleaners will not do windows while some of them are fine doing them. Some cleaners even offer litter box services while others will not touch them. It is important to know from the beginning what will be done and what you shouldn’t expect.

Following these tips will allow you to have a good relationship with your house cleaner. For more information on hiring Ivete’s Cleaning Service for a residential cleaning service, call us today!
Maintaining a Good Relationship with your Cleaning Service!

If you use Ivete’s Cleaning Service, you are guaranteed to enjoy a beautiful professional commercial cleaning like you have never seen before. We have provided excellent service to our residential customers for 27 years and look forward to meeting your cleaning needs. To schedule a consultation, visit us online or give us a call at 301-518-7172. Don’t forget to follow us on FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedIn, and Google+!

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