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Make a Resolution for Time this Year

Save time in 2016

Start the New Year off right by freeing up some time for your resolutions!

As 2015 draws to a close and a New Year begins, people all around the world are making New Year’s Resolutions. Whether you want to exercise more, sit down for more family meals, or want to spend more time building your personal library, every resolution has one problem: they take time. One of the most common reasons resolutions are broken is because we simply do not have enough time to keep up with them. So how can we free up some time to stick with our resolutions?

Eating Healthier Meals

Not only do healthier meals give you the energy you always seem to be lacking, but they can also help ward off illnesses. Illnesses can leave you and your family down for the count for days, weeks, and even months. Cooking weekly meals ahead of time can make this resolution tasty, easily kept and save time during the week.

Get Rid of Multi-tasking

Switching between two tasks such as watching your favorite show and reading a book can actually make each of these tasks last longer. Eliminate these distractions and do one task at a time. By doing a single task at a time, you are more likely to stay on track and save time doing your tasks.

Hiring a Cleaning Service

Many people suggest cleaning one room of your residential home at a time, but before long, the entire home will need to be cleaned again. With Ivete’s Cleaning Service, your home will be spotless from top to bottom on the first cleaning and every cleaning after. Our service will save you the time and energy it will take to clean every room of your house. Let us handle the dirty work and you go back to your resolutions. Our residential cleaning service includes thoroughly cleaning the kitchen, the bathrooms, the bedrooms, and the living rooms of your home. Every room will be cleaned from top to bottom including the removal of cobwebs, dust, and hand wiping the baseboards and door frames for dust. For more information on getting your New Year off correctly, call Ivete’s Cleaning Service today!

Keep your Resolutions with Residential Cleaning Service!

Ivete’s Cleaning Service has been consistently providing the comforts that go along with a clean home and office for 27 years. Our goal is absolute satisfaction, and we strive to provide excellent service to each and every one of our customers. Our cleaning plans are customized to your needs. We also offer One Time Cleaning and Move In/Move Out cleaning for your convenience during the busy autumn months. To schedule your cleaning consultation, or ask questions about our services, please call 301-518-7172 or request a free estimate online.

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