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Preparing for a Residential Cleaning Service

Howard County Cleaning Service

With our cleaning service, your Howard County home will be in perfect order in no time!

Hiring a residential cleaning company to clean your Howard County home can save you the time and the hassle of cleaning it yourself. But before you put your feet up and enjoy your time relaxing, there are some things you should do to prepare for our visit to your Howard County home.

Stick Around for First Time Cleanings

If this is your first time having Ivete’s Cleaning Service come to your home, make sure that you stick around to see if you are satisfied with your service. Having strangers in your home is an uneasy experience for many people, so feel free to stick around and enjoy the time relaxing while we work.

Communication with Us

If you are not planning to stick around, it is important for you to give us access to your home. Whether you plan to run errands during our service or want us to clean while you are at work, make sure you tell us about the details of your home. Do we need alarm codes or a key to enter the house? Are there any pets in the home? Telling us these things will allow your cleaning service to go off without a hitch. If you’ve had our service before, feel free to request the same crew to come to your home. Not only will this help to comfort you, but you will also be able to have the service performed the same way every time.

Picking Up

Before our cleaning crew arrives, make sure to pick up the clutter in your home. Toys on the floor, clothes scattered about the bedroom, and dishes in the sink are all things that should be done before our cleaning crew arrives at your house. With these chores done, our cleaning crew will be able to concentrate on cleaning up your home without distraction.

Providing Feedback

It is important to provide any feedback early on. We will get to know what you like and what you’d like changed in your home so we can satisfy your need properly. Since our cleanings are 100 percent guaranteed you should provide us with any feedback for future cleanings or anything that should be done again to meet your standards. So, what are you waiting for? Call Ivete’s Cleaning Service today!

Residential Cleaning Services in Howard County!

Ivete’s Cleaning Service has been consistently providing the comforts that go along with a clean home and office for 27 years. Our goal is absolute satisfaction, and we strive to provide excellent service to each and every one of our customers. Our cleaning plans are customized to your needs. We also offer One Time Cleaning and Move In/Move Out cleaning for your convenience during the busy months ahead. To schedule your cleaning consultation, or ask questions about our services, please call 301-518-7172 or request a free estimate online.

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COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS: We are fully equipped and trained to follow CDC precautions and ensure our clients’ safety and our own. In these challenging times, we take all appropriate safety measures, using approved disinfectant products and disposable gear including gloves, masks and shoe covers. We take temperatures daily, acting prudently in our day-to-day operations, providing the utmost respect and care in all aspects of our work.