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Preparing Your Home for Snow

Keeping snow out

Don’t welcome snow into your home. Check out our tips for keeping snow out this weekend!

As winter storm Jonas prepares to batter the east coast with its snow and ice, you should be doing more than stocking your home with groceries and toiletries. Slush on your floors can not only make you angry, it can actually do some real damage to the flooring in your home. So how do you catch the slush beforehand? By preparing your home as a slush-free zone.

Be a Doormat and a Runner

It might sound silly, but doormats are the most effective way of keeping your home slush-free. Putting out a doormat will encourage your kids and husband to wipe their feet as they come into your home. Runners can also help protect your floors from slush as they catch the excess of slush from the mat and gives you protection from possible slips and falls.

Boot Trays

Boot trays are a simple solution to hold your shoes. They can be made of plastic totes or in a pinch, you could put down a towel to help dry off shoes from the slush and snow.


If you have a garage, don’t be afraid to tell your family to use that instead of the front door. A garage can help minimize the amount of slush that is tracked into your home. You can still use the boot tray and door mats to really stop slush but a trip through the garage can rid your home of melted snow.

Shoveling Snow

Shoveling the snow from your walkways is a great way of removing the chances of snow making its way into your home. Not only will this reduce the chances of your family and guests falling in the snow, it can also keep your floors and socks dry.

Your floors can really take a beating from the snow, slush, and salt that is tracked into your home. But when you follow these tips and hire Ivete’s Cleaning Service to take care of the rest, your home will stay beautiful all winter long! For more information on our residential cleaning service, call Ivete’s Cleaning Service today!

Residential Cleaning Services in Howard County!

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