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School is In Session: Get Organized!

School is In Session: Get Organized!

School is in session; get organized this week through these simple tips!

Tax-free shopping week has come and gone, and this is a clear sign that back-to-school is right around the corner. Now that you have all those school supplies, new clothes, new backpacks, and other items, where are you storing them? Between that and the leftover disorganization of summer, has your house fallen into complete disorder? The good news is that you still have a week or so to get everything neat, tidy, and organized. Here, we have some simple steps to help you do it.

Digitize That Wall Calendar

The wall calendar is the quintessential family organization tool, but the biggest downside is that it cannot travel outside the house with you. Once you put it on your phone, though, it can. Doing this frees you from having to remember to write things on the calendar at home; as soon as you need to add an item, you can do so right on your phone. Share the information with family members, and if your kids have smartphones, allow them to add their items also. This way everyone will stay on the same (calendar) page.

Create Your Home Inbox

The reality is that the kids are going to start to bring papers home to you, probably from the very first week. There will be fundraisers and field trip forms and all manner of other things. Set up a parent inbox with a separate folder or cubbie for each child. This way you can be confident that the papers will reach you (once you get them in the habit of putting them in there,) and that you will not accidentally send the wrong documents back with the wrong child.

Set Up A Homework Station

Setting up a designated homework station helps remove the stalling tactic of looking for supplies and clearing off a place to work. It also establishes a routine, and eventually, a habit, for your kids always sit down at the same spot each day to do their work. Stock the homework station with everything they might need and position it somewhere where you can keep an eye on them.

Hire Some Help

There is no shame in needing or wanting help. If hiring someone to come and do monthly home cleaning saves your sanity, go for it. Even if all you need is one deep clean to get you into the school year before you settle into your cleaning routine, we can help. The fall, and really the whole school year, will be better if you go into it relaxed and calm, rather than stressed out and exhausted.


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