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Time-Saving Tips for Tidying Your Home

Time-Saving Tips for Tidying Your Home

If you follow some of these great tips to help improve your cleaning productivity, you may find that your cleaning tasks become a little less daunting.

Does cleaning your home feel like a Sisyphean task? We all know that cleaning can be a drag, but when your home is clean, it helps it to feel more welcoming. If you follow some of these great tips to help improve your cleaning productivity, you may find that your cleaning tasks become a little less daunting.  

Think Before You Clean 

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when cleaning is to start without a plan. Giving yourself a game plan, and even a time frame, can help you break down your long to-do list into manageable chunks. Try starting with a 15 minutes a day rule, where every day when you come home you set a timer for fifteen minutes and work on cleaning and tidying a different room. Or, for more intensive cleaning projects, make a physical list and divide up your tasks to help keep you on track better. 

Start With Clean Materials 

If your dust rags are dirty, your trash bin is overflowing, the mop hasn’t been washed since your last cleaning day, and your vacuum bin is full, you’re not letting yourself start strong. Every time you finish cleaning, you should set aside time to clean your tools, that way you can always start fresh. Using a full vacuum means you won’t be getting enough suction for a thorough clean. Likewise, if your mop is mildewy, you’re never going to have fresh-smelling floors!    

Work From The Top Down 

You wouldn’t want to vacuum the floor before you cleaned the dust off your ceiling fan, so why would you vacuum before dusting off a vanity top? As you begin cleaning you should always start from the top down – not only from ceiling to floor but from the top level to the ground floor! When you work with gravity not against it, you’ll be able to clean more thoroughly and efficiently. 

Bring In Professionals Regularly 

Last but certainly not least, to help make each of your cleaning sessions more effective or to minimize them as much as possible, hiring a professional cleaning service is one of the best investments you can make. Not only do professional cleaners have the time and knowledge to clean all of the areas you’ve been neglecting, but they have professional equipment to allow a deeper clean than most homeowners can get on their own. Even if you only want to use a professional service once a month or less, they can give you the edge you need to keep your home looking its best every day. 


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