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Tips for Cleaning Your Office

Tips for Cleaning Your Office

When your clients come into your office, you want to make sure you present a bright, clean, professional space.

When your clients come into your office, you want to make sure you present a bright, clean, professional space. You don’t want them to see dust and ink spots everywhere. Dirt is unprofessional, and just generally off-putting. Make sure your office is properly cleaned with these tips!

Clean from Top to Bottom

First and foremost, whatever part of the office you’re in, start with the highest point first. The reason for this is simple: gravity. When you’re wiping and cleaning surfaces, dust and other particulates that your stir up need to settle somewhere. Because of gravity, they just keep falling down until they get to the floor. Once you’re done all of the upper things, you can vacuum everything up easily!

Desks, Tables, and Other Surfaces

The desks, tables, files, shelves, and other surfaces will likely be the parts of the office with the most to be cleaned. Dust settles on everything, particularly if your office happens to be in an older building. Most files and shelves can just be dusted. Desks and tables will probably require some cleaning spray. One of the most common things that needs to be cleaned off of desks and tables is moisture rings from coffee cups and other drinks.


You will also want to make sure you dust off computers. Just dust with a dry duster, leave the deep cleaning to the owners. There are so many small moving parts to computers and other electronic equipment and you want to take care not to damage anything.

Don’t Forget the Floors

Lastly, you will need to clean the floors. Start by sweeping and vacuuming to make sure all dust, crumbs, and other little particulates are picked up. Next, you should mop. The type of mop and cleaner you need will depend on the type of flooring in the office. Make sure you’re getting all the footprints cleaned up.

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