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Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

You can keep your kitchen clean by devoting just a few minutes each day to it.

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house, which means it also gets dirty quickly. Many people think that they have to devote their whole weekend to deep cleaning the kitchen, especially if it gets out of hand during the week when they’re more strapped for time. The truth is though that you can keep your kitchen clean by devoting just a few minutes each day to it. If you keep up with about 20 minutes of kitchen clean-up each day, your kitchen can be spotless all year.


There are certain chores in the kitchen that need to be done every single day without fail, and these should be the ones you start with. Namely, these are the floor, the surfaces, and the dishes. If you have a huge household, the dishes alone might take more than 20 minutes, but you should be getting help with this task from that household if they are able. Once you have those other hands helping, you should be able to do the dishes, sweep the floor, and wipe down the surfaces in well under 20 minutes. If you have a dishwasher, this becomes even easier. Make sure that no one is putting dirty dishes in the sink:they can be scraped, rinsed, and put right in the dishwasher instead.


Once the daily chores are done, add one additional task. This should be a larger job, and it should change every day. For instance, on Monday it might be to clean the trashcan (inside and outside) and on Tuesday it could be to clean out the fridge and Wednesday it could be to clean under the stove and refrigerator. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you might have a full month of daily tasks or only a week or two’s worth. There also may be some larger tasks that need to be done weekly, like mopping the floor or cleaning out the fridge, and others that only need to be done monthly. Structure this in a way that fits your life and kitchen.


Set an alarm for your twenty minutes and work straight through. It is easy to get distracted, so make a habit of working for the whole allotted time and then taking a break after (maybe with a coffee and your favorite mobile game). Once you get into the habit of cleaning this much everyday, your kitchen will begin to take care of itself.


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