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Top 10 Places Germs Hide In Your Office

Office germs

Is your office germy? Check out some places germs could be hiding around your office.

Most people rarely consider the prevalence of germs in the world around them, and take it for granted that their places of work are clean, but this is not always the case. In fact, without a thorough office cleaning regularly, it is definitely not the case. Here are 10 places germs are secretly hiding in your office that you may have never considered.

The Copy Machine

While it may not seem an obvious breeding ground for bacteria, everyone in your office touches the buttons on the copy machine, so using it is like touching everything that everyone in your office has touched every time you use it.  

The Bathroom

Everyone knows the bathroom is dirty, but it’s honestly worse than you think. While the sinks and toilets are notoriously dirty, a high percentage of bathroom germs are airborne, meaning you don’t have to touch anything at all to get sick.

Your Desk Chair  

You sit in your chair for most of the day, and even if you don’t realize you are sweating, this can seep into the chair and lead to harmful germs breeding.

The Door Handles

Everyone touches door handles without thinking. From your coworkers to the delivery guy to clients. If you don’t know the last time your door handles and knobs were disinfected, it is time.

The Kitchen Sink

People often leave dishes in communal sinks for way too long, causing germs to breed.

The Carpet

Many office carpets have never been cleaned and this is a key part of office cleaning. People track in all sorts of dirt and grime and it can build up over time if left unchecked.

Your Phone

Even if you are the only person who ever touches your phone, and you have never used it while sick, if you have never cleaned your phone it’s an office germ breeding ground.

The Water Cooler

If your water cooler is years old and has been touched by everyone in your office but never cleaned by anyone, just image the germs it must harbor.

The Microwave

People often make messes in the microwave and wait for other people to clean them up. Without mindful office cleaning, this can quickly lead to a kitchen nightmare.

Your Keyboard

As with other parts of your office that are touched regularly and rarely cleaned, this can be a haven for germs and bacteria.   

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