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Top Tips to Reduce Germs During the School Year

School year germs

As kids everywhere start back to school, you should be thinking about how to protect them.

Did you know that on average young kids catch roughly eight colds a year? Combined, these kids lose over 20 million school days to the cold alone. That’s not even including the far more dangerous flu. While it can be difficult to completely control germs over the course of the school year, there are a wide number of tips and tricks you can utilize to keep things clean and contribute to your child’s health. Read on to learn more about how to keep germs at bay over the course of the school year.

Make Sure Your Child Knows How Important Hand Washing Is

Healthy habits start at home, and this is one of the most basic. Just washing their hands before they eat and after they use the restroom is not enough. Young children often put things in their mouths and do other unhygienic behaviors. Regular handwashing is critical to help get rid of germs over the course of the school year.  

Know the Hand Washing Policy Of The Staff

Before you utilize any daycare or preschool, make sure they use important health practices. Know their hand washing policy and make sure they have plenty of sinks on hand to ensure that your child is as healthy as possible over the course of the school year.

Ask Your Child To Avoid The Community Pencil Sharpener  

Studies have shown that the dirtiest thing in almost any classroom is the community pencil sharpener. Every kid in the room touches it, and not all of them have the most sanitary hand washing habits. Send a child with mechanical pencils or their own personal pencil sharpener to avoid them using the germ infested one shared by the class.  

Send Your Child To School With Tissues

Encourage them to sneeze and cough into tissues rather than their hands in order to halt the spread of germs. It is important to instill healthy habits. By making sure they always have tissues on hand they will get used to coughing into them, rather than into their hands and help germs spread over the course of the school year.

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