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What Are Some of the Messiest Places in Your House?

What Are Some of the Messiest Places in Your House?

Keeping your house clean can be stressful. Call the Experts at Ivete’s Cleaning Service today!

Keeping your house clean can be stressful. This gets even more anxiety-inducing when you have friends coming over for a game night, in-laws dropping in for a surprise visit, or your rented townhouse has been randomly selected for an inspection. So let’s find out where some of the messiest places can be, lurking in plain sight as they are.

The Kitchen

Take a look at your toaster, if you still have one. In some households, a pop-up toaster simply isn’t practical, especially if everyone can’t eat bread due to allergies and there’s not much point to keeping one. If you do have a toaster, then clear all of the crumbs out of it before it becomes a fire hazard. You’ll also want to stay on top of keeping your microwave clean, as it can begin to affect the taste of the food that you warm up in it. Cleaning out the refrigerator every week or so is also a good idea since you never know how long your leftovers will take up valuable space instead of being eaten. Make sure you clean up the cutting boards and dishwasher, too. When you have reusable grocery bags, keep them clean, whether they’re meant for the store or for food truck night.

The Bedroom

The bedroom should be one of the comfiest places in your home. It’s a place to hide away from the stresses of the outside world, but if clutter invades, then you won’t be able to relax. Keep your mattress and bedding clean and you’ll get more restful sleep at night. Don’t forget about your pillows, sheets, and the window treatments in here.

Around the House

The ceiling fans can get choked with dust, so take the time to bust it. You’ll also have to clean off the cushions on your couch, which can be problematic if you enjoy snacking in the living room and you’re not a very clean eater. Also, don’t hesitate to work on cleaning your shoes, since you never know how much dirt and muck you trail into the house when you come back.


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