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4 Ways to Keep Allergens Outside

4 Ways to Keep Allergens Outside

Allergens are everywhere in the springtime!

Allergy season is in full swing, and that’s a problem. That’s because when you wake up, you might not be sure if you are actually sick or if allergies are just particularly bad that day. Keeping allergens out of your home isn’t as hard as it seems, you just need to be proactive!

Keep Your Home Clean

It may sound obvious, but keeping your home clean can be hard to do. Even if you are stuck inside every day, that doesn’t mean you feel compelled to clean, right? Start off small by hitting those hard to reach places that are often left neglected because they are so hard to access. Tidying is one way to keep your clean, but in some cases, you can afford to relax and lean on the pros at Ivete’s Cleaning Services to pick up the slack!

Switch Out Your Air Filters

The next step is to switch out your air filters. If you have disposable filters, get rid of them and put in fresh ones. If you have washable filters, take out the ones that are in circulation and clean them up with soap and water to remove the dirt, dust, grit, pollen, and pet dander that have accumulated on them. Your HVAC unit has an air filter, but so does the bathroom exhaust fan and the vent above your stove’s cooktop. Those need to be switched out with clean ones as well, just to be on the safe side.

Keep Allergens Outside

This step may sound impossible, but it really isn’t! Take off sweaters, hoodies, jackets, and shoes when coming inside. Make it a house rule that everyone take their shoes off while inside your home – if they complain about their feet being cold, then offer slippers to allow them to keep their socks on, it’s as simple as that! Also, take the time to wipe down your pet’s paws with pet-safe wipes when they come back inside.

Purify the Air

Invest in some air purifiers. Everybody under your roof will appreciate it!


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