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Fun Decoration Ideas for Halloween

Fun Decoration Ideas for Halloween

Happy Halloween!

What’s more fun than decorating your home for a festive holiday? Halloween allows for a lot of freedom, whether you want to decorate your home to scare the neighborhood or evoke all your favorite details of autumn. Whether you’re decorating for a Halloween party or the local trick-or-treaters, it’s important to make sure your home is properly cleaned and organized to make sure your home is looking its best–and spookiest. Here are some of our favorite Halloween decoration ideas to get you and your home in the spirit this season.


The most iconic Halloween decoration is definitely the jack-o’-lantern. After all, who doesn’t love picking out a pumpkin and carving a spooky face or festive design into the side? There are countless directions to go when it comes to decorating a pumpkin, from scary to silly, minimalist to over-the-top. The possibilities are endless. To switch up your pumpkin decorating this year, try using dark push pins and plastic vampire teeth stuck into the side of a pumpkin instead of carving the traditional way. Creating a neat three-dimensional face on small pumpkins makes for great kids’ crafts, as well as allowing you to make smaller scale jack-o’-lanterns that can decorate the snack table and window sills all throughout your party.

Creepy Shadows

A great way to boost the spooky factor of your home this Halloween is to add some scary shadows to your windows. By stenciling silhouettes in black rolls of construction paper, you can create all sorts of scary (or even silly) figures to haunt your home. These are especially good decorations for the front of your home. They’re sure to make any trick-or-treater look twice! Just make sure that your windows are clear of clutter or furniture in order to get the lighting right for these decorations.

Scary Dolls

There’s just something about dolls that makes them an especially spooky, and unforgettable, Halloween decoration. You can choose dolls that already possess a “creepy factor” in how they’re dressed or painted, or you can deck out dolls that you already have around the house for the holiday in order to add a great scary element to your party or porch. It can be as simple as pulling some dolls out of storage to find the perfect “haunted” decorations.


While you probably don’t want your home filled with real cobwebs, a decorative version of spiderwebs is a classic addition to any Halloween decor. Place them in the corners of your home, around your window or door frame, and even all about your porch to add a festive look to your home. Just add plastic or pipe cleaner spiders to up the festive factor! The best part of fake webbing is that cleanup is a breeze–just pull it down after Halloween, no pest control required.

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