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Cleaning Up Your Stove

Cleaning Up Your Stove

Keep your stovetop squeaky clean with these helpful tips!

Having a clean stove can be a wonderful feeling. It means that you can cook without dirty pots and pans stacking up everywhere. Not only does this mean they won’t get in your way, but you will also have more options for what you want to do when it’s time to turn the burners on! Here is a guide to what you need to do first.

For Electric Stoves

Let’s start by looking at electric stoves. These are also known as electric coil stoves. Turn on the burners and set them to high or max heat, but only for a few minutes. The purpose of this is to brun off any leftover residue that might be on them from the last time you cooked something. Once they have cooled down, it is time to pull off the coils and the drip pans. Put the coils off to the side for now. Wash the drip pans first, using water and soap. Then coat them in baking soda and vinegar before rinsing them off. A toothbrush and a damp cloth can remove whatever gunk is left after all of this. Take the time to remove grease by using wet cloths and sponges.

For Gas Ranges

Some homeowners prefer gas stoves to their electric counterparts. Move the grates and burners out of the way before doing anything else. Soak them in warm water with plenty of soap to help get the crud off. Look at the holes under the burners to make sure no crumbs or other bits of food, such as eggshells, have dropped into them. Use a wet cloth and a sponge loaded up with soap to clean the surface before using vinegar and baking soda to remove anything more stubborn.

For Smoother Stovetops

Some stoves don’t fall neatly into either of the categories we have mentioned so far. Smooth top stoves look like they might break easily, but this is not the case. Some elbow grease is all you need to clean them. A simple wipe-down with vinegar gets the process started, while baking soda will fizz away and remove residue that you can see due to the magic of chemical reactions. A non-scratch scrub then becomes your best weapon against stuck-on stains and spills.


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