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Getting Rid of Dust in Your Home

Getting Rid of Dust in Your Home

Follow this guide for getting rid of dust and keeping your home clean and free of dust mites.

While most people wish to leave the allergens outside, the truth is that your home is likely full of its own list of allergens. The biggest reason for your itching eyes, sneezes, and coughing is probably dust; a combination of lint, dirt, skin cells, dust mites, and pollen. Even if you are allergy-free, any dust in your home is unsightly. Follow this guide for getting rid of dust and keeping your home clean and free of dust mites.

Before You Start

Before you get started on getting rid of the dust, there are several steps you should take first. If you do have allergies, you should use a mask so that you don’t irritate your nose, mouth, and skin. Next, purchase and install a HEPA filter to help reduce the amount of dust that floats around in the air.

Clear the Clutter

Make dusting the last thing on your list. That means you’ll have other things to do first. Before you get started on dusting, you should focus on tidying up your space and putting everything in its right place. This will allow you to see all that needs to be done. It will make the job a lot faster once you can focus your efforts on one goal at a time.    

Tools for Dusting

There are many ways to attack the job and various tools that will help you do it efficiently and thoroughly. Use a static high duster to get the cobwebs, ceiling fans, and chandeliers. A floor duster that has a handle like a broom will help tackles your hardwood and tile floors. Use a microfiber cleaning cloth on mirrors and other surfaces that are likely to show residue from cotton cloths. Finally, areas with heavy dust are tackled the best with a clean, damp cloth. A vacuum is still the best and most efficient way to remove dust and other debris from your carpeted floors. Make sure that you avoid using feather dusters since they only move the dust around and aren’t the best for picking up and removing the dust from your surfaces.

Dusting Tips

When you dust, make sure you start from the top and work your way down. That way, if any dust particles fall you aren’t messing up the clean surfaces you just created. Don’t forget about your bulbs, fixtures, and other small areas that might otherwise go unnoticed. Take your small rugs and couch pillows outside to shake them out or use your vacuum attachments.    

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