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Spring Cleaning Tips: In the Closet

Spring Cleaning Tips: In the Closet

It’s time to de-clutter your closet!

Even as April comes to a close, you might still be stressing out about all the spring cleaning you still have left. One of the easiest ways to get your cleaning checklist done is to empty out your closet. Now we don’t mean you should totally clear it, but here are some tips for how to feel better and declutter your closet.

Empty Your Closet

The first step is to empty out your closet. It may make you anxious to create a huge pile of clothes, shoes, and accessories on your bed and on the floor around the closet. Still, keep in mind that this is just the warm-up stage of spring cleaning. It’ll get you going, and also put you in the mindset, to be honest about what you want to keep and what you don’t.

Make An Assessment

Next, you’ll need to make an assessment. What this means is you have a clearer idea of just how much room you have in your closet. It’s much easier to visualize an empty space when you declutter during your spring cleaning preparations. Do you have room to hang up clothes instead of stuffing them in? Is there room for storage at the top or bottom? After all, different styles of closets have differing dimensions – a walk-in closet has much more room than a standard closet does.

Ask Yourself Tough Questions

Now comes the hard part. You have to decide what no longer works for you so you can make room for the next time you go shopping and come home with some new outfits. How well do the clothes fit? Do you like the way you look when you wear them? Do I need to get it dry cleaned? Or would this be better off as a donation item? These are just some of the questions you might not be able to answer as you stand there thinking about them. Even so, you need to make a decision so you can move onto what comes next.

What Comes Next

Donating is one of your options – either give your old clothes to charity or consider selling them to a thrift shop or goodwill store. For the clothes you can’t donate, add them into a pile where they are to be thrown away. Lastly, the items you do want to keep can go back into your closet.

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