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Tips to Keep Your Home Clean Between Services

Cleaning between services

Make sure to fold your clothes and put them away to keep your home clean.

Our clients love to tell us how much they adore our residential cleaning services, but we know how quickly a home full of activity can get dirty. It can go from immaculately clean to filthy in zero to five minutes, especially if you have children. So how do you keep your home clean and organized before Ivete’s Cleaning Service knocks on your Potomac door?

Tip 1: Focus on the Main Areas

When cleaning your home between residential cleaning services, it is important to focus on the main areas of your home. Focus on areas of the house any unexpected guests will see like the living room, kitchen, and main/guest bathrooms. Stick to these areas and your home will be in great shape for any unexpected visitors.

Tip 2: Everything in its Place

Instead of letting things pile up, make sure it has a place in your home. Mail, magazines, books, shoes, and clothes have a tendency to pile up in areas of our home but don’t give them a chance. Fold your clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer and put them in their proper place. Buy a bookshelf for your “to be read” pile and a mail organizer so you don’t have a stack of letters everywhere. When you have read your favorite magazines, toss them into the recycling bin. Keeping your items in their proper places will help your home feel less cluttered and dirty before your next residential cleaning service.

Tip 3: Break It Up

The luxury of having a cleaning service is that you shouldn’t have to spend all of your time cleaning up your home. Spend five to 10 minutes straightening up your home and you can walk away feeling like it is good and clean.

Tip 4: Keeping Your Floors Clean (Without Cleaning Them)

Floors are some of the worst offenders when it comes to getting dirty quickly. Our shoes touch sidewalks, grass, dog mess, and mud. Instead of vacuuming every day, it might be time to set a new house rule: no shoes in the house. Set up thick door mats at your doors and a special mat for shoes to be set on. Taking off your shoes as soon as you step in the door means less dirt and debris in your home.

With these tips, your home will stay beautiful and clean between your residential cleaning services. For more information on keeping your house clean or to hire our residential services, call Ivete’s Cleaning Service today!

Keep Your Potomac Home Clean!

Ivete’s Cleaning Service has been consistently providing the comforts that go along with a clean home and office for 27 years. Our goal is absolute satisfaction, and we strive to provide excellent service to each and every one of our customers. Our cleaning plans are customized to your needs. We also offer Spring Cleaning and Kitchen Appliance cleaning for your convenience during the busy months ahead. To schedule your cleaning consultation, or ask questions about our services, please call 301-518-7172 or request a free estimate online. Be sure to visit our Specials page for special offers on both residential and commercial cleaning services!

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